We are happy to welcome you to the region of Västernorrland and the Swedish Rural Parliament 2018. Västernorrland can offer spectacular views and fantastic nature and is a perfect site for our Rural Parliament!

We would like to inform you that no part of the programme will be in English.
You will get interpretation through whispering only.

Here is some practical information for the days ahead. You will also receive information through the app which will be sent to you on Monday 14th May in an sms. If you have not received the sms by then, contact: congress@resia.se

Congress Venue

The Rural Parliament (Landsbygdsriksdagen) will take place at Fjällräven Center in the city of Örnsköldsvik. Address: Viktoriaesplanaden 1, 891 39 Örnsköldsvik.

Registration and Secretariat

The registration and secretariat are located at Fjällräven Center and will be open the following hours:

Thursday 17 May: 16h00-20h00
Friday 18 May: 07h00-09h00 and 16h00-19h30
Saturday 19 May: 08h30-16h30
Sunday 20 May: 09h00-13h00

You can also call the secretariat during opening hours 17-20 May. Phone number: +46 730 57 15 34

The doors to Fjällräven Center are open the following hours:

Thursday 17 May: 15h00-20h00
Friday 18 May: 07h00 onwards
Saturday 19 May: 08h00 onwards
Sunday 20 May: 08h00 onwards


Download the programme in pdf here

Inspirational field trips on Friday 18th May

While in the county of Västernorrland, you can take part in inspirational field trips. You will spend the day with local guides who will show you their villages and the work for local development that is happening there. All trips start and end at Fjällräven Center in Örnsköldsvik. Trip 1-13 start at 08h00 and trip 15 at 13h00. All trips will end by 17h00.

If you haven’t registered before the trip, you may do so when you have returned to Fjällräven Center. At registration you will receive a name tag which you will use as your ticket to all events. It is important that you keep your name tag with you at all times, without it you may be denied entrance to Fjällräven Center. Due to security, we must know who is at the premises.

Bonus activities in the morning of Saturday May 19th

07h15 you can take part in a spinning class which will be followed by a mobility/stretching class at 07h45-08h10. The training is free and exclusive for the delegates of Landsbygdsriksdagen. You can shower at the venue afterwards, which is located at Sjögatan 5, about five minutes walk from Fjällräven Center. You need to make a booking at the latest Friday 18th May at 16h00. Call: +46 660 500 500. The booking code is: Landsbygdsriksdagen.

At 07h30-08h40 there is a guided tour through beautiful Örnsköldsvik. You will get some history of the city and start the day with a refreshing walk! We start at the stairs to Arken Konferens, adjacent to the Elite Plaza Hotel. The tour is also free of charge.

At 08h00-08h30 there will be morning music and prayer at the Church of Örnsköldsvik, led by the bishop of Härnösand Eva Nordung Byström.


Due to a raised security level during Saturday 19 May there is a limit for the amount of clothes and luggage to be brought to the Fjällräven Center. We kindly ask you not to bring more luggage than necessary from your accommodation.


If you have booked your hotel through Resia you only have to mention your name and that you are participating in Landsbygdsriksdagen when checking in. You do not need a voucher. Do double check your confirmation letter to make sure your booking is in order!


If you have booked your trip through Resia you should have received your ticket/tickets by now. If you have not received your ticket, contact Resia immediately at congress@resia.se Do double check your tickets to make sure all is in order.

If you have any questions regarding your hotel or travel, contact Resia at congress@resia.se or phone +46 18 18 35 35.

Transport to and from the Örnsköldsvik airport

The airport is situated 25 km from the city center. Access the website to the airport here

There are no airport buses, but we have pre-booked some shuttle buses. These can be used as long as there are seats available.

Thursday 17 May

15h05 from Örnsköldsvik Airport Via Fjällräven Center to Folkan Teater, Lasarettsgatan 26
15h40 from Örnsköldsvik Airport Via Fjällräven Center to Folkan Teater, Lasarettsgatan 26
19h35 from Örnsköldsvik Airport Via Scandic Hotel to Hotel Statt, Lasarettsgatan 2

Sunday 20th May

14h30 from Fjällräven Center to Örnsköldsvik Airport
15h40 from Fjällräven Center to Örnsköldsvik Airport

There are both airport taxi other taxi companies. Airport taxi has to be booked in advance. For booking or questions, call:

Airport taxi: + 46 8 120 920 00
Taxi Örnstaden: +46 660 55 000
Örntaxi: + 46 660 100 00

We wish you a pleasant stay and a warm welcome to Örnsköldsvik and Landsbygdsriksdagen 2018!


For more information, contact Project Manager Malena Bendelin:
+46 70 241 00 97